Allison Weaver Studio

Allison Weaver Studio

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trying to grow old gracefully, but it's not working.

With every waking day, my 43 year old eyes discover one new wrinkle, one less eyelash and one more gray hair. "What  is happening?"  you ask yourself.
Well, each day brings new changes to our reflection in that mirror.  
Who is that person I see?   Fortunately with wrinkles come wisdom and with wisdom comes a new found courage to keep going.  Looking deeper into yourself, you discover there is more to that face and wrinkle.  
A security in yourself and your talents, whatever they may be.  
You are less scared.  Less insecure. 
 So, Celebrate that wisdom and security.   
Because after all, we know more now.  We are Mothers, Managers, Chefs and Nurses.  We are Accountants and Psychiatrists.   As a Mother we do all these things.  So go.  Go grow old with grace.  Show us what you are all about. 
Do what you do to the best of your knowledge.  Be the best you can be.   
You owe that to yourself.  Growing old doesn't mean defeat. 
It doesn't mean to give up.  Grow old with grace and style and love every minute.

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