Allison Weaver Studio

Allison Weaver Studio

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Work- Happy Easter!

New Easter Cards.  The sun face is a special card created for the fight against MS.  Good friend, Carolyn Carlsen Johnson suffers from MS and
3.00 goes to the cause for every card sold.  Cards
cost 5.00 each.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Stole My Heart

This is a piece I did for a City Folk Gallery.  Wonderful store in Lancaster PA.  It was inspired
by the loss of a friend.  She died very young and
very suddenly.  Life goes on for the ones that are
left behind :)

Snow Dances

I know, I know, no more snow.  I understand, but snow is magical
and I do love it.  Looking forward to spring for sure!  This is a
re-design  that I did using the book Snow Dance.  This book is written
by Lezlie Evans.  Wonderful picture book by Scholastic.  Hope you
enjoy the illustrations.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello all!  Spring is coming and we are ready!  Bring it on.  Here are a few images from the spring line of limited edition, embellished cards.  Very excited to be in the studio creating again.  The time has come to add one of these to your home.  Home?  Well, the cards are designed to frame and hang when you are done with them.  How many times have you thrown away a wonderful card that you recieved in the mail?  Not again!
They make a wonderful piece of art! Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Say goodbye to snow!

I do believe the time has come to "turn off the snow button."  It is time
to see green again people.  With this new change in the weather comes
a new vision at Allison Weaver Studio.  It's time to do some new marketing
to target potential illustration jobs.  For myself, I have been in denial.  I told
myself that the market is bad and what else should I expect?  Well, enough of that.
I am working feverishly trying to complete new work that will catch the eye of
any potential clients.  So, this is it.  Off to the studio and back to work!